How Real Estate Investing Will Impact Your Family

So you’ve been contemplating dipping your feet in the real estate pool, but with so much on your plate as a parent and a spouse, you’re probably wondering how becoming a real estate investor will impact your family.

Just like with anything, there are pros and cons to trading in a more traditional career to begin investing in properties. However, in my experience, I have found that even the greenest investors are thrilled with the impact that this transition has on their home life.

Here is what they have experienced and what you can expect for your family’s future when you become a real estate investor.

More Quality Time Together

Family Playing Game Together At Home

One of the most painful things for any parent is having to choose between going to work to provide for their family or stay home to take a more hands-on role with their children. I’m not going to say that investing in real estate will never result in you taking away a little time from your family, but it is minimal. If being a stay-at-home parent is your top priority, I highly recommend that you invest in buy-and-hold properties and outsource the majority of the work of finding, and maintaining your properties to your real estate agent and a property manager.

College Savings

If you are like most parents, the daunting responsibility of raising enough money for your children’s education is always in the back of your mind. Daycare, private schools, and college can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars and take their toll on your brain and your bank account. The sooner you start building a diversified portfolio of properties, the sooner you can start generating all of the savings you will need to give your kids the best educational opportunities.   

More Vacations

One of my favorite perks of being a real estate investor is that you can write off all of your expenses associated with traveling to and from one of your properties. So not only will you be able to generate cash flow from the property throughout the year, but you will also be able to pack up the fam and spend time there while writing off all of the expenses associated with your vacation. This is why many of my clients that don’t live in Des Moines still love to keep investment properties here. Not only do they get to benefit from our booming market, but they get to bring their loved ones here to enjoy our wonderful city for free.

Ready To Start Investing In Des Moines Real Estate?

As a parent, you deal with countless stressors and haunting questions…

How will I pay for my children’s education?

How can I find more time to be involved in my children’s lives?

Is work-life balance truly achievable?

Becoming a real estate investor can help you achieve your biggest goals as a mother, wife, and woman. From financial security to more time to spend enjoying your family, there is nothing you can’t achieve with a savvy investing strategy.

No matter what your means or goals, I would love to help you add real estate investor to your long list of titles. Please reach out to me and let’s figure out a strategy that will make sense for you, your family, and your goals.


School is out! As we run our little ones around the city, keep an eye out for great investment opportunities. I recently found a great house to invest in while driving my son to a soccer game!

As Always,

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