What Are Des Moines Home Inspectors Really On The Look For?

The inspection is one of the most critical elements of any real estate purchase. In fact, it can cause a deal to completely unravel if too many repairs are needed or the severity of the defects is too extreme. One of the best ways to avoid that kind of nightmare is to understand what inspectors are going to look for when they dissect a property.

Wacky Wiring

The wiring and electrical panel of a Des Moines property must live up to the safety code. In older homes, it is not uncommon for the home inspector to find some outdated wiring or components to the electrical panel. This is not just a concern because of legal compliance, but your safety because improper wiring can lead to an electrical fire.  

Rough Roof

One of the most common concerns for buyers and inspectors alike is the home’s roof. Obviously, replacing a few shingles is no big deal. However, if a roof has suffered more extensive damage or is a little too long in the ear, you could be looking at a brutal five-figure bill to repair or replace that roof in the near future. Home inspectors are careful to make sure that the true condition of that roof is made known so that you can request those repairs, replacement, or a credit at closing be made from the seller.

Plumbing Problems

If you’re a seller and you know of any leaks in the home, you would be wise to have them repaired prior to the inspection. The home inspector is going to test the water pressure by running appliances like the dishwasher, flushing the toilets, and running multiple faucets at the same time. They may also elect to test the septic system.

Foundation Fumbles

With most deficiencies in a home, a repair can be made to resolve the problem. Sadly, that is not the case with a foundation. If the foundation is not solid, the entire structure of the home is in jeopardy. Again, this is not just an issue that will lead to constant repairs, but it can be dangerous for anyone living in the home. As a buyer, if your home inspector tells you the foundation is faulty, you need to take that as a sign to walk away.

Inadequate Insulation

When it comes to the insulation, you won’t have to worry about any significant danger like the wiring or foundation. However, if the home is lacking in the insulation department, you can bet on significantly higher utility bills. Not to mention feeling the heat in the summers and the chill in the winters. Therefore, you should be grateful that your home inspector will assess the amount of insulation in the home, as well as, the quality.

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