Win vs. Waste: The Home Renovations That Will Make Or Break Your Profit Margin

Whether you’re planning on selling your Des Moines property tomorrow or years from now you may be considering some home improvement projects. While most renovations can help you feel happier with your home, not all of them will pay off when the time comes for you to sell. In fact, many projects will either bring you zero return or actually depreciate your property’s value. Believe me, that is a painful reality check that you don’t want to face. So today, I’m sharing the best and worst renovations that will impact your bottom line when you decide to sell your Des Moines Property.

The Wins

These renovations may not sound like the sexiest or the most fun, but they promise to deliver you the highest return when the time comes to sell.

Garage Doors Replacements:

First on the list is vamping up your curb appeal with the replacement of your garage door. On average, you can anticipate spending around $3,400 to give your garage a facelift. That may feel a bit pricey, but on average you can expect to recoup all of that when you sell.

Stone Veneer:

Continuing with the theme of curb appeal, a new stone veneer can spruce up both your equity and your home’s appearance. Let’s face it, nobody pictures their dream home as having cheap vinyl siding and it can be a big turnoff. Although this project is far more pricey, with an average cost of about $8,200, you can still expect get that back at resale.   

Deck Addition:

On the fun side of the spectrum, a deck addition is another fantastic way of spending your home reno budget in a responsible way. A yard is one thing but a deck takes your ability to enjoy your outdoor space to a whole new level (no pun intended). A large deck that has been pressure-treated, includes rails and posts and measures 16X20 will run you in the neighborhood of $10,000.

The Wastes

Each of these renovations are not only far more common, they are perceived as being the smarter renovations. However, no matter how glamorous and more enjoyable these projects may seem, they are likely to cost you double because they can actually lower the value of your home.

Luxury Bathrooms:

Don’t waste your money!

Heated floors, massive showers, mile-long vanities; sure they’re decadent! But these five-figure luxuries are not only going to cost you a fortune now, they’re not as much of a money-maker as you think when it comes to the buyer pool.

Swimming Pools:

While it looks impressive, a pool like this is a major pain in the butt

Again, a pool is a fun way to get more enjoyment out of your home during the delightful summer months here in Des Moines. After all, who doesn’t love a pool party or the luxury of private sunbathing? However, this project which will likely run you at least $30,000 is actually a big turn off to any buyer that doesn’t want to be bothered with taking care of a pool or is afraid it will endanger their children.  

Planning On Selling Your Des Moines House In 2019?

If you are firm that you want to sell your Des Moines property, you are going to need a rock-solid strategy to make sure that you get the best possible results.

Believe me, there is plenty of money to be made by selling this year if you have the right resources, advice, and negotiator on your side.

When you hire me to sell your Des Moines property, I’m going to over-deliver on all fronts to make sure that we achieve your goals. Let’s set up a time to chat so I can show you how much your property is worth today and share my customized plan for helping you get the offers you deserve.


Don’t waste your money, Invest it! When renovating your house, make decisions that will improve the value of your house and life over flashy and un-necessary improvements to impress people you don’t care about! Make those calculated decisions that make your snowball of equity roll!

as always,

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